Small Tree Surgery (London)

Small Tree Surgery


Having a tree in your garden is as special as having a garden especially for the little ones that have always wanted to have a tree house! Even if you do not have a tree house a tree could give you privacy, shade or even fruit. However maintaining a tree could be a tricky job for many of us therefore we offer you a team of experts that will safely trip your trees, prevent overgrowing and make your garden look like a tidy jungle. We are even happy to do a one off tree maintenance for you whenever you feel the need to. The services we can carry out for you include:

  • Pruning and lopping which is essential. We will remove the unhealthy branches to make sure your tree is growing healthy.
  • Shaping the tree can prevent damages to your/your neighbour’s property. We will also shape the crown to make the tree even more beautiful.
  • Height reduction will keep the tree at a certain size and prevent danger. We can also you give you advice on what we think the best size is according to the rest of your garden.
  • Tree removal. As sad as it can be, we can remove a small tree hopefully making space for a new one.
  • Deadwood removal is something that our tree surgeons can easily remove to ensure your ground is clear of fallen branches.


Fixed price at £180.00


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