Lawn Mowing (London)

Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing london

Probably the most important part for every garden that has so many pluses reaching as far as mind-body benefits. The cosmetic benefits can be noticed from the first time you get the service done. A properly cut lawn with short, neat and even grass is very pleasing to look at when looking outdoors. To many people it is a matter of pride to have a well looked after yard and without regular lawn this would not be achievable. The only way for the grass to look even is to absorb equal distribution of resources and that is achieved by the even regular cut. All the sun and water will be spread evenly throughout your green space.

There are also long term benefits that are just as important such as healthy grass and keeping the pests away from it. It will also keep away various pieces of debris. When the grass is freshly cut the healthiest and hardies shoots are the ones that grow the most. The shoots proliferate which makes the grass greener and more visible overall. The fallen shoots also become handy by fertilizing the lawn.


£78.00 // General Gardening

Prices for 2 gardeners

  • 2 hours (minimum call out time)
  • 3 hours £117
  • Any additional hour £39
  • We will give you a quote for our next visit with 15% discount!


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