Why Choose Us?

Wherever you have a plot of land, however big or small we can take care of it. People say staying close to the soil is good for the soul, so let’s get yours to glow. We are a professional gardening company based in London and we believe gardening is a performing art.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations of a gardening service. Over the years we have proven to be a reliable and customer caring company. One of the most important roles in our job is to leave a smile on your face, to make you excited about those barbeques with the family!

We have been around for a while so we will not waste your time and we will deliver perfect results in no time.

There are no gardening mistakes, just experience so we are happy to follow your ideas; or you can sit back and enjoy our perspective of perfection.

Why Us?

All our gardening teams are professionally trained combining hard work with the latest tools, techniques and equipment so look no further.

Experience 60%
Harvest 80%
Ecology 70%

Jet Washing

Epsom / Surrey / London

Leaf Blowing

Epsom / Surrey / London

Lawn Mowing

Epsom / Surrey / London

Patio Cleaning

Epsom / Surrey / London

Grass Trimming

Epsom / Surrey / London

Hedge Trimming

Epsom / Surrey / London

Gutter Cleaning

Epsom / Surrey / London

Small Tree Surgery

Epsom / Surrey / London

In our experience we found that a team of two is the most efficient team; combining hard working men that can turn a jungle into green heaven with a personality that takes care of the smallest details, even the last petal of your plants.

Arranging a service that suits every customers schedule is the key; we are flexible on every level so just let us know what you expect and leave it to us.

However we are very passionate about making dreams come true, so whatever you have in mind please do not hesitate to ask us to step in. If your dream is too big to explain over the phone, we will meet you in person making our service strongly individualized.